LINDT Swiss Chocolate Experience

The LINDT Swiss Chocolate Experience is currently closed. Due to restricted room capabilities there is no possibility to carry out a tasting event. As of Mid-May 2019 we are happy to welcome you again. 



Dive into the chocolatey world of LINDT and experience our chocolate with all five senses in this one of a kind tasting experience.

The LINDT - Swiss Chocolate Experiences includes: 

  • Surround movie
  • 5 senses tasting with a LINDT Maître Chocolatier
  • Buffet with 30+ LINDT Chocolate creations to taste
  • 10% discount on your purchase  (value >50.00 CHF) on the day of activity
  • Duration: ca. 40min
  • Price: CHF 16.00
  • Location: Lindt Shop Kilchberg, behind the original factory from 1899
  • Min. Age: 10 years
  • Please note: Due to open products on our buffet, we do not recommend allergics to take part in the tasting.
  • As of end of April tickets can be reserved on this website

--> Do you want to become a Master Chocolatier yourself and create your very own chocolate products? Visit our Chocolateria-page for further information.
 Unfotunately, due to hygienic and organizational reasons a factory visit / factory tour is not possible.